Sandra, the managing director of Flourish, has written a number of articles for various home and garden magazines. Her unique insights into the world of landscaping have been published in Homestyle, Alfresco, NZ Backyard, and Garden Design Ideas magazines.

Informing your Design Plans

While these articles are a great resource, providing inspiration for a host of landscape gardens, every home and garden is different. For a personal touch, book in a private garden consultation.

Making each drop count

Flourish waterwise gardens thumbnail
Landscape designer Sandra Batley provides simple water-conscious design solutions for your garden. Read how you can choose the right dry tolerant plants and conserve your water bill....more


Inherited goodness

Flourish inherited goodness thumbnail
Learn how to create your own productive home vegetable garden and read about the range of vegetables and fruits you can grow in your own back yard. From growing dwarf Citrus and apple varieties, pumpkins and beans....more


Hidden havens

Flourish hidden haven thumbnail
Whether it's to define the boundaries of your outdoor space or simple ways to create some privacy in the garden, see how you can create your own hidden haven with a few simple design tricks....more

Light it up

Flourish light it up thumbnail
Experience the ambience and magic of outdoor lighting. See how you can achieve an amazing light outdoor area in your own garden....more

Alfresco living

Flourish Alfresco living thumbnail
Entertaining outdoors with family and friends is one of the most rewarding functions of a kiwi garden. From whats hot in cooking outdoors to what furniture would best suit your outdoor environment....more

Living walls

Flourish reaching new heights thumbnail
Vertical gardens are providing us with a new and sustainable way of greening up our cities and our very own backyards. Read how you can green up you very own courtyard wall....more

Just add water

Flourish Just add water thumbnail
Add a water feature to your garden or outdoor living area. Water features make a magical addition to any garden. Captivating to watch, cool to touch and soothing to the ear, water has the power to transform and add that mesmerising appeal to any garden....more

Taking shelter

Flourish Taking shelter
Enhance your outdoor living experience with a shade structure and enjoy the outdoors year-round. We give you some great ideas and solutions for your home and garden....mor


High life

Flourish The high life
Perched up high, balconies are wonderful and unique spaces. Although they are often small and confined, exposed to a variety of climatic conditions and have some limiting factors compared to the average ground level garden, balconies do have their advantages....more

Open invitation

Flourish Open invitation thumbnail
With an emphasis on entertaining, this subtropical inspired front garden adds a sense of serenity. For many people, the ultimate escape from the pressures of everyday life is a holiday in a tropical paradise. Rather than wait for a holiday, the homeowners of this property decided to create their very own lush oasis in their front garden....more

Turn up the heat

Flourish turning up the heat thumbnail
Read how you can keep warm and add ambience outdoors even when there is a chill in the air. So don't let the winter chill keep you from enjoying the outdoors....more

East meets West

Flourish east meets west thumbnail
A blend of Balinese elements and local design creates this dramatic new garden for the owners of this North Shore property in Auckland. It features a series stunning water features, dramatic, bold plants and functional outdoor areas to enjoy....more

Winter gardens

Flourish Winter gardens thumnail

Winter for most of us is a time for staying indoors and relishing the warmth of the fire; as the temperature drops, so does the desire to be outdoors in the garden.Your garden in winter does not need to be dreary and bare. Get some planting inspiration to liven up your garden during winter....more

Designing small gardens

Flourish small garden design thumbnail

Designing small gardens can be a challenge. Good planning is the key, which of course applies to all garden design. But in a small garden there are additional issues to think about.....more

Art in the garden

Flourish art in the garden thumbnail

New Zealand’s stunning natural landscape provides endless inspiration for artists, photographers, garden designers and sculptors alike.....more

Adding value to your property

Flourish art in the garden thumbnail

Your home might be your biggest asset, but it doesn’t necessarily follow that the more money you invest in it, the more money you’ll get in return. But here are some great tips to add value to your place....more

Coastal gardens

Flourish gardens by the sea thumbnail

Many of us dream of living near the coast and having a garden by the sea. Establishing a garden within a coastal environment has a number of challenges, but with some careful planning and site preparation you can create a garden that’s as spectacular as your sea views....more

Entertaining in the garden

Flouirsh entertaining in the garden thumnbnail

Summer is a great time of the year to be in the garden, entertaining and sharing it with friends and family....more

Growing your own

Flourish growing your own thumbnail

With the home vege plot making a comeback, it’s time to take to your own backyard and join the crusade in growing your own fruit and veges..more

Native inspiration

Flourish native inspiration thumbnail

Read about some great native New Zealand plants for a low maintenance and beautiful solution to your landscaping needs....more

Taking your garden indoors

Flourish indoor plants thumbnail

Essentially, plants in this style of home should be carefully chosen for their understated elegance and form.....more

The beauty of trees

Flourish Beauty of trees thumbnail

Selecting the right tree for your own piece of paradise can be difficult. Sandra Batley guides us through what to consider and offers some handy hints when planting one in your own garden.....more