Best Laid Plans - Garden Consultations from a Professional Garden Planner

Flourish offers a personal garden design consultation service in Auckland. Sandra will spend time with you in and around the garden area giving you residential landscape design ideas and on-the-spot practical advice on anything associated with one area of your garden. Whether it is relating to design, layout, plant problems, soil enhancement or plant advice, Sandra will be there to help, anywhere in Auckland. This design service is best suited for smaller garden areas. 

Your home garden consultation is carefully tailored to suit your unique requirements and personal taste. This package includes a scaled sketch drawing of an area of the garden only (so please confirm which area of the garden you need help with) along with written notes and plant suggestions and thumbnail images of the proposed recommendations. With this information in hand, planning out how to make your dream garden a reality will be markedly easier. This valuable insight into the creation of your future garden comes at a cost of only $899 incl gst.
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"We had a garden consultation with Sandra which we found very useful and we got a lot of creative ideas. We would definitely recommend Sandra to anyone needing that extra touch of inspiration or some good guidance! " Melanie, Mt Eden.

Looking to Revitalise Your Garden?

Flourish can help you maximize the potential of their property by providing practical modern garden design ideas and advice. This will help improve your lifestyle and significantly increase property values. We also provide expert advice for people selling their homes. This includes practical solutions and tips to help create a good first impression and enhance your property to help it sell faster. Our services are well worth the investment, just ask our existing Auckland clients!

Speak today about booking a consultation that will jump-start your garden design process.  Here's a free tip to whet your appetite: Don't try to put too many ideas into one scheme. Even if you come up with several ideas, pull back and refine the strongest ones.

We also offer plant sourcing and supply services, fully rendered landscape concept/planting plans and measured advice backed by years of industry knowledge coming together to offer start to finish landscaping on the North Shore and across Auckland region. 


Professional Garden Planner