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The first step in making your landscaping dreams a reality is putting pen to paper and writing down your ideal outcome. A landscape design concept and planting plan is a detailed layout plan for your garden. During the design process we will take a full brief from you, survey your garden, and come up with a professionally rendered scale drawing of your proposed garden.

Planting new flora in your garden requires a great deal more thought than many novice gardeners realise. A planting plan will essentially map out what plants to put where, creating a landscape that optimises the resources you have available. This plan will take into consideration the specific amount of space available,
the aspect, the soil conditions and the desired effect you want to achieve. It will graphically show the exact location, sizes and species of all new and existing plants within the garden.

Included on the plan is a plant schedule for easy reference. It lists botanical names of plants used, quantities and sizes. Along with thumbnail photos and sketches to help you visualize the garden. 

A comprehensive, full service concept and planting plan can typically cost anywhere between $2800 - $4000 incl gst, which is calculated based on your wish list, the size and scale of the property and the complexity of the garden design. This plan will become a valuable communication tool, assisting you in communicating your ideas clearly to landscape contractors and builders. It will also enable a contractor to provide a realistic quote and gives you an idea of the landscaping materials that will be needed to complete the job. Speaking of completed jobs, check out some amazing garden transformations here.

We can assist you with any questions you may have about drawing up a concept and planting plan, simply call us to speak with a landscape design expert in Auckland.

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The Landscape Design Process

A well thought-out design forms the foundation for a successful garden and it is important that we invest considerable time and effort during this process to ensure you are delivered a landscape plan that reflects your personal needs and requirements. We have been trained to consider the garden as a whole, taking into account the relationship between home and garden and connecting the architecture with the landscape. With our extensive knowledge of space theory and design secrets we can produce a timeless garden design which you can enjoy for many years to come.

It is very important to discuss your budget especially if you are wanting the design priced and implemented. Your plan will include a verbal budget estimate as early as possible so that you can assess how well your wish list and needs met your overall budget or spend limit.

The design process begins with an on-site visit consultation valued at $120 incl gst to talk about what you want to achieve, while ascertaining the scope of design work required.

 "Sandra developed a concept plan for our garden. She had great ideas which will look fantastic, and gave us a clear plan for what to do. She was very quick to send the plans through and answer any questions. Highly recommended." Delwyn, Mt Eden. 

For more information, or to organise an on-site visit, Contact us today.